Move your sofa around the corner or everything you own to Utah at the last second...

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From a couple boxes to your entire office or apartment, Gentleman With A Van is at your service 7 days from 6am to Midnight.  We offer great rates and no sneaky extra charges whatsoever.

The cargo area of our eco-friendly Sprinter van is 14 feet long, 6.5 high and 6 foot wide--large enough to fit the contents of a small apartment. We're experienced, strong, personable and arrive fully equipped with dollies, tool kit, and of course quilted moving blankets. With over 8 years of experience in NYC, we can handle just about any contingency The City has to offer.

Buying furniture on craigslist? We can inspect your potential purchase and even pay the seller... just reimburse us upon delivery. Renting a U-haul? We'll send a crew to load or unload it. We are also experienced antique & art handlers and production assistants and can assemble anything.

Our Mercedes built Sprinter vans can hold the contents of an entire studio apartment. They are Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD) fuel vehicles with advanced emissions control systems that scrub and filter the exhaust to lower carbon monoxide and hydrocarbon levels and remove soot and other particulates. The remaining exhaust gas is sprayed with a urea-based substance that helps convert harmful nitrogen oxides (NOx for short) into harmless nitrogen and water vapor. According to Mercedes-Benz,s this system reduces the total output of harmful emissions by 80 to 90 percent.

Gentleman With A Van has teamed with the award winning NYcityVan to bring you even greater service. If you need handyman service, please click here.

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